Sea Scan Survey Pty Ltd comprises a team of professional technical divers that specialise in Side Scan Sonar Surveying and Search & Salvage. Sea Scan Survey is based in Australia and have been working the waters of the Philippines for the past 20 years involved in geographical surveys and successful wreck searches.
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US Navy LCM-3 (Landing Craft Mechanised, Mark III), 23 tonnes empty. 8,631 of these vessels, also known as “Mike Boats” or “M Boats”, were built between 1942 and 1945. They were used extensively during WWII in Europe, including the D-Day landings, and throughout the Pacific Theatre. This wreck found by Sea Scan Survey is thought to have been previously unknown to local divers.
This aircraft is a late model Nakajima Ki-43-llb Hayabusa (Peregrine Falcon), Allied code name Oscar, used by the Japanese Army Airforce during WWII and was found by Sea Scan Survey on the 29th March, more or less by accident, whilst scanning for a shipwreck off Basuanga. It was unknown to anyone in the area including local fisherman.
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